Wine Tasting Tours

Once you decide to plan a vacation to the northern wine country regions of the Golden State, you immediately want to jump into wine tastings. With an array of boutique wineries and gorgeous vineyards, the fabled Napa Valley has all the makings of a unique journey.

Transforming wine tastings into enjoyable adventures, The HB Experience has fashioned attractive wine tours. There is no better way for you to travel around to the finest wineries of Napa Valley and sample rare vintages of the renowned winemakers than a guided tour.

Our wine tours are more than just about tasting the local blends—we make sure that you get your fill of the wines’ histories, and get a look into the unique varietals. We design our tours with a wine lover’s preferences in mind.

Let Us Whisk You Away To A Wine Nirvana

Wine novice or connoisseur, wherever you stand in your relationship with wine, we provide you with a fulfilling excursion.

Our long-standing collaboration with Napa Valley’s winemakers and vintners is our secret to unlocking the art of the best wine tours. Based on our high quality vacation rentals and the wine tasting tours in the concierge services menu, we have a thriving reputation amongst the locality’s winemakers and tourists.

Is it a fresh, rich Chardonnay, a light Pinot Noir, or a dark and savory Cabernet Sauvignon desire? Let us know.

We hold your taste and style in wines in high esteem when planning a wine tour, because it is our goal to make your wine country vacation the most perfect one. Our tour expert will make sure to take note of your partiality in local wines, customize a wine tour and take you through an exciting tasting experience!

In addition to comprehensively guided wine tours, our services also include private transportation for our guests. A vacation destination to the wine country can be quite tiring for wine enthusiasts, who want to get a head start on wine tastings. We incorporate comfort in our standards of services by arranging a stylish ride with a personal driver, so that you can sit back relax, and just wine.